Trish Akouka

Astronomy, General Science, Geography (High School), Geography (Elementary/Middle School)

I enjoy partnering with parents and tutoring students at SCCC!  It is a blessing to be a part of the student’s learning process!  My goal is to make my classes FUN and encourage the love of learning.  

A little more about me: I grew up in Satellite Beach in the 70’s and 80’s. I  graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Communicative Disorders.  I worked for several years in Rehabilitation Centers. I also, became certified as a personal fitness trainer.  I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and spending time the beach.

I married my husband, David in 1996.  We have three sons.  After our first son was born, I became a full time wife and mom.  I also help my husband with his Personal Fitness Training Studio.

In 1994, I made the decision to start living my life for Jesus…each day, I try to be more like Him and LOVE others like He LOVES me 🙂

Jason Brown

Guitar 1, Worship Team/Guitar 2, Survey of Old Testament, Survey of New Testament

Pastor Jason grew up in Long Beach, CA. He has been in full time ministry since 1996. He currently serves as the lead pastor at Suntree Grace church. Jason graduated from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) and received his MDiv from Liberty Seminary in Lynchburg, VA.

He enjoys teaching through the Bible so that others can share in God’s Truth. Jason has also been playing guitar, playing in bands and working with youth groups to create worship teams for nearly 20 years (and even had an album or two out in the 90’s).

He loves surfing and hanging out with his wife Andrea along with their four children.

Sonia Clarkston

Digital Photography

Sonia has been living on the Space Coast since 1993 (not including an 18-month “extended vacation” to the Washington, DC area). She began homeschooling the first of her six children in 1999, and has recently graduated her fourth, homeschooled all the way through. Although her Bachelor’s Degree is in Human Factors Psychology (Wright State University, Dayton, OH), she began her journey in photography in 2011 when her oldest daughter was in her second year of dancing competitively and said, “Mom, you need to get a better camera so you can get decent dance pictures this year.” Little did she know, the theater was one of the most difficult environments in which to photograph, and the learning process began with her first DSLR camera. Since then, she has taken various classes, read many books and articles, forged friendships with professional photographers, and watched more YouTube and online tutorials than she can count. While her favorite style is natural light portraits, she enjoys the challenge of learning how to capture a great photo wherever she is and whatever the subject might be. You may have seen her at one of the co-op dances in years past with a camera strapped to her all night. (And who knows…she might make another appearance…or THREE…at this year’s dances as well!)  Last year, she finally took her hobby to the next level, and had a number of Senior Portrait sessions.  She enjoys helping others understand the things she has learned over the past seven years. Her goal is to light a fire, so that one day she will have students who can come back and teach HER more about photography.

Aliya Crippen

Drawing 1, Watercolor, Survey of Art History

Aliya Crippen enjoyed a rich home education experience and went on to graduate with her Associate of the Arts degree from Eastern Florida State College in 2017. Since then she has built upon her foundation of classical education with self-motivated intellectual inquiry in a variety of studies including: art, history, literature, and apologetics. The sincere conviction of her faith in Christ and artistic expression have always been a big part of her life as well as a firmly established love of learning. Her early dedication to self-instruction in a variety of artistic styles and mediums blossomed into a rich portfolio through later, more formal instruction. She relishes any venue that allows her to express creativity. She loves using what inspires her to inspire others.

Jenny Dixon

Saxon Math 6/5, Saxon Math 7/6

My name is Jenny Dixon and I will be tutoring the middle school math classes.  I am the mother of two girls and have been homeschooling for 9 years.  I have a degree in Math Education from Oklahoma Christian University and I have worked with students of all ages from preschoolers to college students.  I have a passion for mathematics and my goal is to prepare middle school students for upper level math classes and to lay the foundation for them to be successful in the STEM fields.  I look forward to working with you and your student to achieve their dreams.

Cathy Elliott

SAT Prep/English, Essay & Creative Writing, Intermediate Literature, Contemporary Lit. & English, Speech & Debate

I tutor English, Literature, and Speech/Debate/Civics for the Co-op. My experience also includes the following:  homeschooler, tutor for 12 years, editor, published curriculum author,  Speech/Debate/Literature judge for county tournaments, and proofreader. I am happily married with three children, two currently in college. Overall, my passion is getting children interested in writing and reading, while they grow mentally and spiritually.

Grecia Fenton

Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, SAT Math Prep

Grecia Fenton has been serving Brevard County  for 27 years as a teacher not only in her long standing  ballet company, but in several area tutoring positons ( math and science), a private Christian school ( math, science and drama), and Sunday school.  She studied classical ballet in New York and directed and choreographed for many high school theatre programs both in New York and Florida.  In college she began as a pre-med student and later changed to a double major in psychology and biology graduating with a degree in Developmental Psychobiology.

Mrs. Fenton and her ballet company travel throughout Brevard county presenting classical and childrens’ ballets in area libraries, retirement homes, and community events.  She is the proud Mom of 50 parrots, a marmoset monkey, rabbit, chinchilla, 2 dogs and 2 cats who also perform with the ballet company.  

She is married to her wonderful husband Bill and they enjoy camping together.

Mrs. Fenton believes each student has unlimited potential in God’s purpose for their life and brings that philosophy into the classroom encouraging and motivating her students to want to learn and  achieve the highest goal possible within the gifts they have been given.  It is her desire to shape and enrich the lives of her students not only academically but spiritually as well so they will better understand and serve the world they will impact.

Michelle Forehand

U.S. History (Elementary/Middle School), Introductory Logic

My name is Michelle Forehand and the 2018/2019 school year will be the ninth year that I will have the privilege to homeschool my two children (an 11th grader and an 8th grader).  I have an AS in Logistics from the Community College of the Air Force, an AA from the University of South Carolina, and a BS in Management of Technical Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Before homeschooling, I worked for Dictaphone Corporation (now Nuance) as a National Project Manager and a Senior Recruiter.  

As a homeschool mom, I have taught middle school classes at various co-ops over the years.  Additionally, I started and directed a Classical Conversations community.  When my children were younger, I was the music leader at VBS for many years and currently work as a teen leader with our youth group.  I am passionate about making learning fun and often create classes that use a variety of resources to appeal to different learning styles.  I am looking forward to once again be teaching US History and Logic this year.

Lisa Liffrig

Personal Finance, Economics, Physical Science, World History (High School), U.S. History (High School)

Lisa Liffrig grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota and graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  She is certified in Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Middle School Math.  She taught in public school in Texas until she and her husband moved to Florida in 2002. Lisa has two daughters that were home schooled from elementary school through graduation and began teaching at the co-op in 2010. She also does home school evaluations.

Tyler Ross

Anatomy, American Government, Health, Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry

I was a paramedic back in the early 80’s, received my Nursing degree in the early 90’s and worked in the Intensive care Unit for over ten years before I transferred to the Emergency room, where I have over ten years’ experience as well. I was certified in each specialty, holding my CCRN and CEN while I worked in those areas. 

I began my Homeschooling journey around 2003, and have loved every minute of it! I have taught all four of my children through high school, and they all transitioned successfully to the college environment. I have been tutoring other students in Math and Science for over ten years, and truly enjoy sharing the wonders of creation with the younger generation.

Patricia Rota

Beginning Yoga, Spanish 1,  Spanish 2

Buenos dias…I began being interested in espanol when, after high school, I travelled the world for many years. It was obvious that my experience would be so much richer if I could communicate with the people of the 26 countries that speak this language! So, I graduated from UCF with a degree in elementary education and Spanish and so began my 35 years of teaching Spanish.

I have taught in California, New Orleans, and Brevard County. Most of my experience has been at renown Catholic High Schools. I truly believe that throughout the many years I have developed a very effective method of teaching Spanish so that students can learn quickly. While teaching at home school co-ops I try to offer the ability to speak along with the ability to transition into an upper level Spanish class as well, either at public school or college. I am still an accredited Spanish teacher in the state of Florida.

Being able to speak Spanish opens many doors…I hope to facilitate you in this exciting journey!